Can Your Star Performer Drive Change?


If you are managing a growing business, and your workload is rising, you know that sooner or later, you and your management team will need more leadership capacity, you will need to develop another leader.  As a key stakeholder in this new leader’s success, you want to be confident that your rising star will be a great people manager, but you also know that great leaders need more than technical skills; they need to learn how to get the most from their team.


Great people managers connect with their teams with ease. They use their people skills to create an environment for trust, respect, motivation, and ultimately, for productivity. They don’t insist on telling people how to do their job; they “simply” lead.

The question is: Do you want great managers in your business?


If your answer is “yes”, then I can help. I support the technical professionals who make that big career step into management, and who need to get better at people skills. That means getting better at the 2-way conversations that are essential during periods of change; the conversations that require openness, honesty, and courage; the conversations that are too often put off for fear of facing potential anger and conflict in the workplace; the conversations which will in the end determine whether your teams are going to support and engage with a new direction, or resist it.


If you leave your managers to work things out for themselves without any coaching support, the results are likely to show up as stress, poor engagement and high employee turnover. I certainly struggled myself in my first 6 months as a new manager at Hewlett Packard back in the 90’s. I almost gave it all up, had I not been supported by a coach who helped me to develop confidence in being myself and to take a more realistic perspective on my role.

Moving from engineer to first time manager was my hardest career transition, but I did make it through, and in the end, it was also the most rewarding.


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