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Now That’s a Scary Step

“I’ve been promoted!  “I’ve been working hard for this for a long time, and now, at last, I have my first real management position. I’ve stepped up into leadership and I’ll be managing people for the first time in my … Continue reading

What’s my WHY?

Through my career at HP (now HP Enterprise), I had the privilege of working for some truly great managers. They had the gift of connecting with me so that they could understand me, motivate me, trust me and support me. … Continue reading

The (HE)ART of Letting Go!

We all reach a point when we realise that we have to delegate. We have to relinquish some responsibility to someone else in the team, because we simply cannot do it all ourselves. If we want to grow, if we … Continue reading

“I’d like to share some feedback”

Imagine you are just about to share some feedback with an employee. The feedback could be very positive, or it could be – as HP often used to say – a “development opportunity”. After you have asked the employee to … Continue reading

The Power of Purpose

Do you recall that story about President John F Kennedy and the janitor at the NASA Space Centre in the early 1960’s? Kennedy had made a declaration that the USA would put a man on the moon during that decade, … Continue reading

Got a Maverick in your team?

There was a great article in Director magazine this month from their Information and Advisory Service.  The writer used Bond’s wayward character from Skyfall, when he played dead and started a boozy retirement near a tropical beach; hardly a model employee … Continue reading