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Case Study: Promotion to Engineering Manager

Case Study: Developing leaders at H2 compliance

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free_reportFREE Report: Developing New Managers

When you hire or promote new managers, you show great trust in them. But how can you harness their enthusiasm, and give them the best chance of success?




Wheel of leadershipWheel of Leadership

This graphical representation of your role helps you to identify what is most important to you, where your level of experience is now, and how big a gap you need to close in order to be as effective as you need to be.





Decisions, decisions…

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions – shall I go for this job or not? Shall I take on the new part of my role…or not? And though it might be tempting to simply list the pro’s and con’s, you can do a more thorough analysis by considering the gains and drawbacks of both options, ie by answering 4 distinct questions.




Social Styles MatrixSocial Style

Social Style is just one of many ways of representing what makes people different, and is good for assessing where you sit in relation to others. For example, do you ask or tell, do you respond emotionally or in a controlled way?




mbti-pairsMyers Briggs Type Indicator

You are a unique individual, but you also share some characteristics with other people. The Myers Briggs model of personality tells you about some of those similarities and differences. It can help you deepen your self-awareness, find a career your will enjoy, become a better leader/manager or improve your relationships.




Your behaviour processYour behaviour process, as a process

We sometimes regret our reaction to a social situation, but by looking at the whole chain of events and their causes, by being more aware of the thoughts and feelings at the time, better choices often emerge.