The problem: Poor line management hits profits and productivity with high staff turnover and lost working days.

The solution: Develop your line managers’ people skills and BOOST PRODUCTIVITY.

A young boy nerd shouts at the top of his voice to his co-worker through a megaphone trying to talk some sense into him but he is not listening and is ignoring him. The young nerds are dressed in bowties and glasses. Retro styling.

Line managers: 3 steps to success.

  1. Establish who you are, your values, strengths, and motivations etc.
  2. Align yourself to your organisation, agree expectations, and establish clear goals.
  3. Meet regularly to learn, practice and develop your skills in a safe and confidential 1:1 setting.

“One year into management, I feel comfortable in my “leader’s skin”, in large part due to John’s brilliant coaching.” (Engineering manager, Semtech)