Client Problem Solution Testimonial
Making the decision to step up to management, then making the role effective.

Pete Walsh: NPI Applications Engineering Manager – Semtech UK

We followed my sponsored 1:1 coaching steps, first by helping Pete to get clarity on who he is and his preferred management style. This enabled him to make a commitment to go for the promotion to team manager. We then met with Pete’s manager to agree expectations and establish goals for our coaching relationship. Over the next 9 months, we met regularly 1:1 for Pete to learn, practice and develop his leadership skills. “John supported me through the decision to take my first leadership position, by first helping me to set boundaries with my own manager, so that I could manage my team in my own way. He also helped me to overcome some common mistakes, such as struggling to let go of the technical work, feeling guilty about delegating and trying to please everyone. I learned to understand what my team needed from me to make delegation second nature, and I learned how to interact with my team in an honest way, even if the message I was giving felt uncomfortable.
One year into management, I feel comfortable in my “leader’s skin”. This is in large part due to John’s brilliant coaching.I would thoroughly recommend John as a coach as he provides great insight and support, but also challenges you to look at yourself honestly and help you get out of your comfort zone.”
Enabling team leaders and section managers to empower colleagues and raise productivity and ownership for growth initiatives.

Derek Gray: Vice President of GSD Workflow, HP Technology Services

I trained the leadership teams in coaching skills, working in the local offices of the Customer Support Centres in Sofia and Tunis.
At each centre, we spread the training over the course of one week, one module per day.
“Large transformation programmes require a blend of technology, processes and people, and leadership of the individuals involved is central to success. It is here that we have profited greatly from John Hardwick’s coach training support as a means to maximise the contribution made by strong leaders from within the group, without recourse to importing new leaders. We were able to maintain continuity of knowledge, whilst also growing from within a multi-cultural organisation where the emphasis on soft skills and collaboration generates significant results.
At HP we found that John’s strong background in the domain and calm and supportive demeanour has been highly productive in facilitating internal growth and development for people who then feel much more personally invested in the outcomes of the activity whether that be operational excellence or transformation programmes.”
Making decisions which earn respect and enhance empowerment in the team.

Pre-sales Director – HP Software, UK & Ireland

Using some real scenarios, we developed “process maps” of the emotional and rational inputs and responses which led up to the decision points. We then reviewed other options to gain deeper knowledge and understanding, to be more open and listen to inputs from the team, and to take the heat out of the decision process wherever possible. “When starting a new stretch role with HP, I was consistently required to make tough decisions. I signed up for the Coaching network and John Hardwick was aligned to me as coach. Over the course of 18 months, John worked with me not only for myself but also to train me as a coach too. I have benefitted from this immensely. It has enabled me to take a calm, more rounded view of situations, of how to approach different scenarios, and has also helped me to coach my teams into becoming more effective and more importantly, self-sufficient. I cannot understate the value of my time with John. Thank you.”
Creating a better relationship with stakeholders, with clear verbal and non-verbal communication.

HR Business Partner – HP Italy

We worked on finding a better balance between transactional communication (purely results focused) and a more presence based style of communication (to build relationships). Over several sessions, we were able to know the value of paying attention and listening, and to interpret the observations of others. “For sure my coaching sessions have improved my awareness in terms of my behaviours, I used to focus more on others’ behaviours, and did not analyze them as a consequence of mine. Now I switched to observation of others compared to my behaviour and, most important, considering the goal I have.
I’ve tried different ways to communicate, toward different stakeholders. I also tried to behave/communicate differently to the same stakeholder, and observed how this influences the reactions of my stakeholders. Great learning to improve my influencing skills!”
How to develop confidence and openness when communicating with my manager.

Process & Capabilities Manager, HP Software

We applied the cycle of re-enforcement to develop greater awareness of how starting beliefs and assumptions influence the outcome, then made some adjustments in approach and response. “John helped me to clarify the situation and focus on the core issues, he gave me concrete, useful tools I could put into place even at the start of our work together. Showed me fact-based information I could understand and relate to, and offered me many different tools to employ in a realistic fashion
He empowered me to take what I had learned and apply it to my daily work life, very successfully.
John gave honest, clear and helpful support each step of the way; he is easy to speak with and is very supportive and neutral. This is not something everyone is gifted with. John is a great coach and I would recommend him highly.”
How to take care of oneself when new pressures are added to the management role.

Supply Chain Manager – HP Storage

In exploring the work situation, it quickly came to light that it’s very easy to extend one’s working day in order to cover the world’s time zones, and thereby to squeeze out personal time.
Using the GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Way forward) to structure our conversations, we developed better prioritisation processes and ways to say “no” to unrealistic requests.
John provided me with a series of one to one coaching sessions delivered both in person, and also on occasion by phone. John was able to clearly explain his role as a non-judgemental facilitator and lay out the expectations on me, if this process was to be effective.
During the sessions I found that John was an excellent listener and often suggested open thought provoking questions. His manner was pleasant and all the while he maintained thorough notes on what we discussed, which he subsequently shared with me. This was especially useful as most of my time was spent analysing myself and what I thought and felt.
All in all I found the interaction very effective and it helped me achieve the objective. I was needing and wanting to better balance my time between work and home life. In my view John was a big part in helping me get there.”
Managing stress in a team which is constantly subjected to high pressure working.

WW Senior Director – HP Networking Customer Experience

Working with the team manager, I developed a stress management workshop, and presented them with a range of tools for coping with demand and for being proactive in high pressure situations. “For my WW staff, we had John come in and deliver a coaching session, which was tremendously beneficial for us. We learned about the GROW model around goal setting, Peer-to-Peer coaching and how to handle stress in the best way. I and my staff were very impressed with John and his knowledge, techniques and ability to relate to different cultures and backgrounds. We walked away from the session with knowledge and tools to use to help us all be more effective in the high-pressure space of customer support. I would highly recommend John for any team that wants to make a bigger impact.”